Path of The Horse

Inspiring Natural Potential

Alexander Nevzorov brought Haute Ecole to the new, humane level. Haute Ecole is a French term for high school. It is classical dressage stemming from the cavalry with complex moves by the horse including airs above the ground such as capriole, courbette, and levade. He teaches horses to perform the most difficult elements of Haute Ecole, not only without any constraint, punishment, bridles and bits, that is looked upon as a norm in modern Haute Ecole, but he does all this on a horse that is in a perfect collection.

Tractate On A School Mount. A Man On The Back.

UNDERSTANDING A HORSE IS AN EXACT SCIENCE. 100% of a horse's feelings have absolutely precise physiological, biomechanical, myological, phychological and other characteristics that can be understood by man. Thank god, everything is known. Everything is more or less clear.

The School mount of a rider, which is the topic of our conversation, is developed from an exact knowledge of a horse's feelings about a man being on its back, and from a desire to minimize the harm and discomfort that a rider always brings to the horse.

A Holistic Approach To Being With Horses

All my life I have been fascinated in particular with one animal of the whole animal kingdom - the horse. Whenever I had a chance to watch and be in proximity to a horse I would just forget time and place and feel happy and content in their company. The horse had something, something beautiful about it which could only be felt. They seem to come from a different world and life, in a different space according to my observations and feelings.

Horse Training Systems

A little while ago I began a series of articles with one entitled "Primum non nocere - Do no harm". The aim of this series is to re-evaluate what we're doing with horses. This way each person can have the information they need to decide whether or not they want to continue in a traditional way with horses, or to make the leap to a way which doesn't compromise the body or spirit of a horse.