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Import Risk Assessment Of Horses Open For Comment
December 7, 2009

On 30 September 2008, Biosecurity Australia announced the formal commencement of an Import Risk Assessment (IRA) for the importation of horses from approved countries. The IRA is part of the Government’s response to the Commission of Inquiry into the August 2007 equine influenza outbreak in Australia.

Victorian Brumby Running: An Insight
November 24, 2009

What is Brumby running? Not very much at all like the idealised scenes in the Man from Snowy River movie!

FEI Takes Action On ‘Blue Tongue’ Dressage Row
November 18, 2009

After a massive worldwide outcry over a video showing a dressage horse being worked in an extended session of hyperflexion – known as Rollkur – by Swedish rider Patrik Kittel the FEI has released a statement on the contentious issue.

Brumbies At National Equine Expo
November 17, 2009

What better way to celebrate a National Equine Expo that showcases the Australian Horse Industry than to go along and view more of our wonderful home grown breed – The Australian Brumby?

The McLeans On Show At National Equine Expo
November 12, 2009

Two of Australia’s most well know Equine Trainers – father and son team Andrew and Warwick McLean – will be presenting their specialist training methods at this month’s National Equine Expo.

Rainbow Rider’s Horses Died In Crash
November 10, 2009

The two horses killed in Saturday night’s car crash belonged to the charity Rainbow Riders.

Manolo Mendez Demonstrates At Bendigo Expo
November 3, 2009

Manolo Mendez is an accomplished trainer and instructor who has been involved in the training of dressage horses to Haute Ecole level since his early teens. He will be demonstrating his art at the National Equine Expo later this month.

He was one of six founding members and second in charge at the famous Royal School of Equestrian Art (known as the Spanish Riding School) in Jerez, Spain. Here he trained horses and riders in the classical principles of equestrian art. He, along with his riders, has given many exhibitions and displays throughout Europe.

Luke Nolan Does It Without Whips
November 2, 2009

Leading Jockey Luke Nolen proved to a big Derby Day crowd yesterday that you don't have to whip it to win it. He urged his filly, Headway, home to a thrilling finish without using the whip once.

Doma Racional Horsemanship At National Equine Expo
October 28, 2009

Renowned South American Horseman, now based in Australia, Carlos Tabernaberri will be demonstrating his own quiet brand of horsemanship at the National Equine Expo Bendigo in November.

Path Of The Horse Cinema Screening To Aid Horse Rescue
October 27, 2009

A public screening of The Path of the Horse by Stormy May at the Metro cinema in Bathurst has been organised to help raise funds for Horse Rescue Australia.