Horse feed/nutrition

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Horse feed/nutrition
Hi all, I hope this is the right place to post/alright to post. I've ridden horses for 6 years, but only three weeks ago got my own horse. He is a 7 year old, 14.2 HH gypsy cob cross. He came from a place in drought, and had hardly any feed. He has already started to fatten up quite a bit with all the grass here! (I'm in northern nsw). Anyway, the internet is full of so much different information, and I was wondering what you all feed your horses? Hardfeeds, supplements etc. We have tropical grass here and it's quite damp, if that helps! I want to feed him the best! :) Thanks in advance!
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Feed for cob
Hi Horsegal03 :) You'll have to share a pic of your new boy :) So one of the things you need to be aware of with tropical grasses is they can be quite high in oxelates which can affect the calcium and phosphorous ratios. Many people feed extra lucerne - chaff or hay to give a bit more calcium. Getting onto a good local nutritionist will probably help, or subscribe to and join their forum Other than that ... a basic daily feed of chaff and a quality, broad coverage mineral and vitamin supplement (personally I have used Kohnke's Own Cell Vital for over a decade and love it). If you are not working him a lot, then pasture / hay, chaff and minerals are just fine. The cobs are super-doers Best of luck! Cheers
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