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Hi, I’ve recently purchased 2 horses for my children to learn to ride. I’ve not had horses for approx 15 years. I have had teeth, feet done. Horse 1 is a welsh pony 12.3hh. Have found out from farrier that she has foundered in the last two years. She has also been wormed. I’m feeding her 3 scoops of oaten chaff twice a day, also adding 1/2 scoop of Prydes easygoing at night. She has lost her big hay belly but I’ve noticed one of her eyes is getting a bluish tinge morning n the sun. Horse 2 is a TB 15.2hh, feet & Bowen have been done, dentist says he is missing a tooth & has one overgrown into the gap. Im feeding him 3 scoops of oaten chaff & 3 scoops of mixed blended chaff & 1/2 scoop of the the easygoing twice a day. In the last couple of days every now & then he has a runny poo, just a squirt. I’m hoping the dentist come back this weekend. Should I worm him? I would really appreciate any advice. Wanting to make sure I’m doing the right things.