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For Sale in Aussie Horsemen

Sportsmanship Or Horsemanship?

These days the term 'horseman' is one that seems to be loosely applied to just about anyone who owns a horse and over recent years to have lost much of its meaning. Whilst there are still many good horsemen around the world, in modern times with the advent of cars and other machinery, our dependence on horses for work and transport has diminished along with a lot of the skills that in bygone years, many took for granted.

Building Rapport Part One

Have you ever been in a relationship with perhaps a spouse, family member, friend or workmate, where you felt that no matter what you did or said, or how good your intentions were, the other person just took everything the wrong way and you had to be careful what you said and how you went about them? What about the opposite situation? Have you been in a relationship where you and the other person just clicked, you understood each other and were 'on the same wave-length'?

Building Rapport, Part Two

Being a 'flight response' prey animal - that is, one who relies on being able to outrun his natural enemies for survival - under pressure a horse will choose either fight or flight as a defence, i.e. to stand and defend himself or to run away. His first instinct is to flee whenever he perceives danger. However, if cornered he may choose to fight.

Building Rapport, Part Three

We’ve talked about what rapport is and the importance of having it, but how do we get it with our horses? Rapport can be hard to get and easy to lose, however the first step to achieving it is simply to be aware. As in any relationship, taking the time to consider the other party and how they see / feel about things is the place to start.

The Confident Horse

What are the signs of a confident horse…in other words, how do you tell if they are feeling confident or not. There are some obvious signs of course, or perhaps rather, obvious signs of when a horse is not feeling confident, i.e. high head, staring eyes, muscles taught and ready to flee, fidgeting, etc ... so what are the opposite signs?

Conflict And How We Deal With Our Horses

Have any of you ever thought about the way that we deal with conflict with people having some similarity to the way in which we deal with conflict with our horses? That is, how we deal with our horse when he or she says "no" or "I don't want to" or "I'm scared and I can't" or "I'm confused"?


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