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Horse Property Design, Part One

Designing your own horse property can be very rewarding, but it can also be frustrating because if you make the wrong decisions you have to live with them. The more time spent in planning and preparation will lead to more informed decision making. So take your time and gather as much information as possible. You won’t regret it.

Knees To Know - How Your Knees Are Meant To Behave When Riding

In last week’s article I wrote about ankles. Now I am going to write about knees and what they should and should not do when riding. When first learning to ride, many people were taught to ‘grip with the knees’. In fact, in the good old days, people were often made to ride around with a coin or a dollar between their knees and the saddle so that they could learn better grip! This came about because of the largely unscientific teaching methods that were common in the past.

Horse Property Design, Part Two

Last week I covered the five main influencing factors to take into account when designing the property. These are the environmental factors, the economic factors, the ergonomics, the safety factors and the aesthetics. This week I am going to cover the environmental factors in more detail and in the following weeks I will follow the others one by one.

Tips For Hips

After looking at the ankles and knees in detail in previous articles we are now going to look at the hips of the rider. The hips are the third joint involved in the shock absorbing process (along with the ankles and knees) and like them play an important part in correct riding.

Horse Property Design, Part Three

Last week I covered some of the environmental stuff that you need to take into account when designing your property. This week I will cover the economic factors in more detail.

It is always difficult to know where to start when you buy a property. You need to separate what you want from what you/your horses and your property needs. For example many people start straight way by doing the fences (external and internal) and maybe putting in an arena and stables.

Grazing And Dunging Behaviour Of Horses

Dunging behaviour directly affects the selection of grass in a paddock. Horses, cattle and to some extent sheep will not graze over their own dung. This can result in large areas of a paddock becoming unavailable for grazing.

This problem is further exacerbated with horses because they group dung in one area of a paddock and graze in another. Cattle and sheep tend to dung more evenly across a paddock. This dunging behaviour of horses occurs when the stocking density is higher than it would be in the natural situation.

Horse Property Design, Part Four

Last week I covered some of the economic factors that you need to take into account when designing your horse property. This week I will cover some ergonomic factors in more detail.

Grazing Systems For Horses

The utilisation of grazing systems will maximise pasture production and extend the grazing season on your horse property. As a horse owner you need to regard your pasture in much the same way that a farmer would.

Utilizing grazing systems will have many benefits for you, your horses, your property and the wider environment. It will also reduce your feed bills and reduce dust and mud.

Horse And Property Care In Drought

The current drought is affecting horse owners acutely. Even though there has been some rain in certain areas, many of the hay growing regions have missed out altogether or have simply not received anywhere near enough rain to grow hay. As a consequence hay suppliers are running out of hay and as each one does so the problem is escalating.

Managing Your Horse Pasture

Pasture management principles are similar for large or small horse properties. The main objectives include reducing the worm (parasite) burden, controlling weeds and improving the grass.

How these are achieved involves a multi strategy action plan that can be carried out on any property. Firstly you need to understand horse grazing behaviour.


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