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Filthy Animal Shampoo

Hairy Horse owners are going to love this shampoo!

I came across this shampoo at the Melbourne International 3 DE a few weeks ago – or rather the company that sells it had a stall there. Laube have bought in a range of shampoos by companies Kelco and Wild Animal and I’ll be road testing them over coming months.

Filthy Animal is from the Kelco range and, as the name implies, is for the dirtiest animal. If you have a dog that likes to roll in dead things, this is the shampoo for you.

I have cobs, the hairiest kind. With the most massive, hairy tails you can imagine.

Over 7 years of cob ownership I have tried all manner of shampoos and detergents, including the gypsies’ tried and true favourite Fairy Dishwashing Liquid. And I am super skeptical about the amazing claims of most products.

Kelco Filthy Animal is a 50:1 ultra high concentrate pesticide alternative shampoo that does not contain soap or detergent. Safe to use on flea and tick bites. Made with the “Fantastic 5″ (Cedar oil, D’Limonene, Tea Tree oil, Eucalyptus oil and Neem oil). Removes skunk and body odours, grease, oil and dirt without drying the skin or coat.

I used Filthy Animal Shampoo on my stallion’s tail today and Wow-eee!!! Talk about a one hit wonder!

His tail was the usual mid-winter filthy - mud, sticks, twigs, leaves, dried poo, matted etc. (keep in mind he has the thickest tail imaginable, 4kg of hair!)

I literally sloshed this stuff on (1/3 cup mixed in about 3.5 litres of water); worked it through for a couple of minutes (it foams up like crazy when you work it through) and rinsed out. Normally I would have to repeat this process at least a couple of times, or add straight concentrate shampoo to the wet hair. Not with this stuff. I was amazed how much it foamed up.

I was stunned. His tail hair was clean right down to the skin on his dock. No dandruff, no greasiness, no residue. It was the most effective and quickest tail wash I have ever done. I would think it took less than ten minutes.

I did his feathers too and they came out pretty white (not show white, but way better than other horse shampoos I have used in the past). I have bought some other shampoos from Laube for the purpose of whitening feathers so I will road test them at another time.

I am 100% converted. Hairy horse owners (and others with particularly grotty animals) here is your miracle product.

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