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The High Horse App

I saw this neat little app advertised somewhere and immediately downloaded it. It is an Australian developed app, available for both Iphone and Android that allows you to measure your horse’s height using your phone’s camera.

The principle is actually simpler than you might think, and rooted squarely in mathematics involving a triangle and point of origin. I think the technology is also very sound.

It’s also very easy to use, easy to navigate and uncomplicated ... basically four easy steps.

Ok, here is the drawback ... if you wobble it can affect the measurements and lining up a horse’s whither or hoof in cross hairs on your screen while held at eye level is harder than you might think. I’m betting having some sort of stand to use while doing this might be really beneficial.

The other slight drawback is that you need to be 3.6 metres from the horse as that is the baseline measurement from which the other calculations are made. So either you need to measure the distance out first and draw lines on the floor (which is what we did) or the app programmers could possibly include a distance sensor in their next version which tells you the distance you are from your horse before you start? Just a thought.

Because of my slight wobble trying to hold the phone, aim the cross hairs and capture the measurement, I had to try a few times to get a realistic measurement. I got 14, 15.1 and 16.2 on the same horse! She measures 15hh on the stick. I had someone holding her still so it was definitely me that was the issue.

It’s a good app, users just need to nail down the few things I mentioned above – distance from the horse and holding the phone steady.

I think there is potential here for the app to include other measurements – eg. Chest to rump for rug measurements etc – which could be useful.

Love that it is an Aussie development. It gives measurements in inches, centimetres and hands.

It’s a steal at $0.99 from AppStore and Android.

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