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Magic Brush

A friend gave me one of these for Christmas last year and I loved it so much I went and bought three more.

Magic Brush is sold in packs of three and an assortment of colours.

According to the label they are one of Germany's best sellers and to be honest I am not surprised.

Book: Equine Emergency Rescue

This is like the First Aid book you always should have in your medicine cupboard ... but for horses. And it’s not so much a first aid book but a reference for the large and small scale rescue that might come before the First Aid. In any case I think it is ESSENTIAL for EVERY SINGLE HORSE OWNER.

If for no other reason than to give you a clue about the trouble your horse can get himself into; it might also minimise your shock and allow you respond farm more efficiently and calmly.

Introducing The SaddleChariot

If you haven’t seen the SaddleChariot yet, they look like a huge amount of fun. All I can say is I want one.

I want one just for the fun of it and I want one because I reckon it would be a great way to do some work around the farm, like harrowing paddocks or dragging up dead wood for chopping.

The SaddleChariot is exactly what it says, a small, very sturdy chariot with a post and seat to lean against.

What’s really great about it though is the instructions it comes with: "If you are worried, step off, pull ripcord."

Review: Caribu Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheet Combo

Bringing a clipped horse in from Europe and with Melbourne’s legendary changeable weather in mind, I was in need of some light summer protection for my new steed.

The Caribu Eclipse 1200 Denier Rainsheets have been one of Caribu’s most popular rug designs – and they have just made it even better. Caribu has a genuine commitment to listen to their customers; the Eclipse MarkII combo has been based on what their customers want in a waterproof combo.

For my purposes I needed a lightweight waterproof rug and the Eclipse MarkII was just the ticket.

Ranch Manager Equine Management Software

In Spring last year I went looking for a software package that would let me keep track of all the horses coming and going from my property in the upcoming breeding season.

From previous experience I knew that it can be very useful to record every event that happens with a particular horse and sometimes even more useful is to be able to keep a diary. I also like to record as much of the horse’s individual details as possible, keep the owner contact details, and add photos. Essentially I wanted a program to do it all.

Horse Safety Just Got A Whole Lot Brighter

This is my new product of the week because it’s super simple and will help make your horse property safer.

The product – glow discs – is so simple in design it’s almost mind boggling. Sturdy, round discs that glow in the dark which can be easily and quickly fixed to fence posts, building corners, gates and anything else you can think of.

David, of Gazer Glow Vision, tells me “they will glow all night.”

The Zen Connection With Horses

I can see that there will be a certain faction of the horse establishment that will have a problem with this book because it really delves into the arenas of new age, eastern philosophy, psychology and emotion. However, if you can in any way keep a fraction of an open mind, then you might just find there is something to be gained.

I heard someone say recently that horses spend their time together doing two things:
Horses spend time together doing nothing
Horses spend time together doing something

The Zen Connection With Horses covers both those things.

Caribu Winter Warmers

From going through a really mild start to the year Melbourne has suddenly plunged into chilly weather and if you’re like me, you’ve found yourself scrambling for warmer rugs for your horses. Caribu comes to the rescue!

We road tested two winter rugs this time round; the Caribu Alpine 1200 Denier Winter Combo and the Caribu Lined Canvas Rug.

Caribu Alpine 1200 Denier Winter Combo
The Caribu Alpine 1200 Denier Winter Combo is a fantastic waterproof turnout for the long cold winter months.

Why I Love Ariat Fat Babies

I’ve recently been in dire need of new boots. Melbourne has had more rain this winter than we’ve seen over the previous 15 winters and last year I gave away my gumboots because I just never used them. Then came the two inches of mud.

As horse owners rain and mud should be our best friend.

Except when your comfiest-ever-well-loved-and-worn boots of the last four years are so well loved they have sizable holes in them.

Horse Protection Just In Time For Summer

With the weather warming up as we head towards summer again along comes Caribu Horsewear’s Fly Mesh Rug.

This rug is perfect for horses that are susceptible to insect bites, particularly those further north who suffer from Queensland Itch (Sweet Itch) caused by biting insects.

It features really sturdy 420gsm mesh that, unlike lighter models made from 240gsm, can take some serious punishment while still allowing airflow.

The Fly Mesh Combo also has a hood with ear covers so you know your horse will be fully protected from nasty biting things.


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