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Apps For Horses

While Horse themed Apps in the Games / Entertainment Genres are exploding in number on an almost daily basis there are still very few practical apps to assist horse owners in their day to day management of their stables or herds. Horse Medical Agenda is one of the more useful and productive apps on the market.

Picture slide shows, pony games, racing games ... if it’s entertainment to do with horses you can get it for IPad, IPhone or Android.

Heritage Downs Summer Insect Control

With summer just around the corner it’s time to start thinking about some insect control for our horses. Personally speaking, my preference is always for natural products so Heritage Downs Bug Spray and Bugz Off Cream were a welcome choice to trial here at the farm.

Our two major insect problems at my place are flies and mosquitoes. Flies we mostly control using traps though that doesn’t get all of them so the horses still need protection. Mosquitoes are another issue altogether. Especially has it has been hot and humid recently.

Solar Health In The Stables

Animal health is very important to horse owners and so too is being environmentally conscious. Good air quality is essential for minimizing respiratory health problem’s, this starts with a good ventilation system that also helps protect the horse barn structure from moisture damage by reducing condensation. Using the Solar Whiz Solar powered high volume fan/s, will allow Mother Nature to control this air quality cost free, every day.

What Is Good Air Quality For Horses?

Caribu Lined Canvas Combo Rug

The Caribu Lined Canvas Rug offers a good alternative to synthetic turnouts for keeping a horse warm this winter and I have to say that it is possibly one of the best fitting canvas rugs I have come across in twelve years of rugging horses!

HorseYard trialled a Caribu Canvas rug two years ago and it is still going strong! So much so We’ll be using the same rug again this winter!

Caribu has used a 20oz 100% Cotton canvas this season, chosen because it is the “best balance between insulation/waterproofing/weight.”

HorseMinder Horse Record Software

I converted to recording all on-property horse’s details on computer about seven years ago and, between running a stud for the last six years and hosting various other agisted horses, I have found this kind of record keeping to be invaluable.

It just makes things so much easier when all your records – diet, training, vet, farrier, other health professionals, contacts, registrations etc, etc – are kept in one place.

Book: Horses Of The Storm

Horses Of The Storm tells the story of the volunteers who took part in the largest Equine Rescue ever staged in the United States after Hurricane Katrina slammed into Southern Louisiana and other parts of the Gulf Coast.

Written by Ky Mortensen, director of advancement at the Louisiana State University Equine Health Studies Program, the book is a personal account of the devastation wrought by Katrina, the thousands of volunteers who rescued horses and the horses themselves.

The Horse And The Law

I personally think it would be a very good idea if every horse owner who lives online in forums and FB groups was given a copy of this book.

The Horse and the Law (THATL) is an Australian book written about Australian Laws and would have been written predominantly for race horse owners and breeders. However, as the law makes no distinction between racing and non racing horses it is also a useful book for domestic horse owners and breeders ... not to mention ancillary industries such as transport, vets, trainers, agistment operators etc.

Review: Fly Traps

While not exactly a horse product these things are a godsend to have around your horse property.

One of the biggest drawbacks to summer horse activities are flies. Bush flies. Blow flies. Stable flies. House flies.

While there are an infinite number of repellents, both human and horse, on the market, what about taking a little passive proactive action?

Review: NoBit Bridles

I've been wanting to go bitless for ages so when NoBit Bridles sent me a bridle to try I seized the reins – so to speak – of opportunity with both hands.

Driving home from work, and very much looking forward to trying my new bridle, it occurred to me that half the reason people might not try going "bitless" is that we have a strong mental association of a bit equalling "stop". As if it is some guarantee.

Review: Caribu PolyCotton Ripstop Neck Combo

We did our first ever show on the weekend and I was in desperate need of a good cotton rug to keep my horse clean. Thankfully Caribu came to my rescue!

The Caribu Polycotton Neck Combos are an ideal all season horse Rug.

When I spoke to Jane about these rugs she said “The Poly Cotton Ripstops are our bread and butter rugs, they are by far the most popular and offer the most versatility for the average horse owner.”

She wasn’t wrong. I honestly couldn’t be happier with this rug.


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