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For Sale in Meurer Horsemanship

Retraining A Racehorse: Bentley Biscuit Part Two

It is so much fun to be involved in the re-education process of the incredible racehorse Bentley Biscuit. Since leaving the racetrack his owners George and Jill Mooratoff have wanted to provide him with a great life after racing.

Relaxation And Horsemanship

When you are thinking about horsemanship and all the awesome things you can do with your horse, you need to get one thing achieved first! You need to get your horse to chill out and relax!

Wild Animals: Working With Snowy Mountain Brumbies

Over the past few months I have had a lot of fun interacting with some wild brumbies that were adopted by some animal lovers in country New South Wales. Here is an overview of some of the techniques I’ve been using to help them learn to trust and interact with people.

Wild Animals: Working With Snowy Mountain Brumbies Part 2

Asha and Phoenix were progressing nicely. At this stage we could cause them to come into us and they allowed me to rub them all over, remaining quite relaxed in my presence. So it was now time to introduce a halter.

Important Things To Look For When Picking Up Your Horse From The Breaker

A lot of people say to me, “I have just got my horse back from the breaker and am having a few problems with it and now am tentative to ride my horse.” This can be quite disappointing as you have just spent good money on having your horse broken in and have been looking forward to enjoying riding them for a while now. It seems to be a common scenario and can end up quite dangerous.

Retraining A Racehorse: Bentley Biscuit Part One

The thoroughbred racing industry is a huge pool of lovely, talented horses. Not all of them can win races, however they all have potential for great careers after racing. A misconception that some people have is that ex-racehorses are flighty, reactive and dangerous horses. I don’t believe this to be true and if worked with effectively they can become top eventers, dressage horses or just lovely everyday riding horses for people looking to go on trail rides or improve their riding skills.

Horses & Man. A Peculiar Relationship

When you think about it, horses and humans coming together; playing and working together, is a peculiar match. It is one you don’t see anywhere else in the world!

Bringing A New Horse Home

“I bought this horse and when I went to see him he was really quiet but when we got him home he was crazy”. Heard this before? It can be an issue faced by many when buying a horse and it can be quite a confusing situation.

Float Loading

I have been around the world with one of my great mentors, Monty Roberts, and no matter where you go, how warm or cold it is, what language is spoken or even what the favorite cuisine is, float loading is a BIG issue!

James Meurer Joins HorseYard

We are very pleased to announce that James Meurer is joining HorseYard as a member of our editorial team.


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