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For Sale in Path of The Horse

A Knight Amongst Horsemen

Could there be possibly such a profound difference between horse people? What is it really that a knight applies to be with his horse?

How Mares, Geldings And Stallions Communicate

Today I would like to talk to you a little about mares, geldings and stallions and how they respond differently when communicating with us.

Understanding The Nature And Mind Of Horses

I have already told the story of how my long-time friend and Certified Trainer, Robin Gates, overcame resistance with a horse she was training. For what it’s worth then, here is my opinion on how Robin viewed and dealt with the situation.

Equitable Partnerships Through Leadership

If you lead your horse in the moment and he feels a companionship connection, it inspires him to follow your lead like music inspires a dancer to dance.

Working Horses On A Regular Basis ... Or Not?

The lesson I would like to discuss today is how our horses behave when they have not been worked on a regular basis.

How To Avoid Behaving Like A Predator During The Waterhole Rituals™

Nicole’s second question was with regards to ’round penning’. I use quotes for this term because I seldom put a horse into a round pen for this work, more often it’s in a two acre paddock with 3-4 horses. When I have a horse that does not come when called or leaves when I’m haltering, I will drive them off and separate them from their herd. I used to do this with a lot of energy and make them go at least at a trot, if not more. There would be lots of directional changes, both inward and outward turns. Then I would ask them to come back to me and most of the time they come running in.

More On Stallions And Connection

Right, we were talking about stallions and that they can be difficult to handle, especially if they feel you don’t respect them or you try to lower their position.

Simple Things Can Work Wonders

Sometimes the simple things work wonders with horses. This is another story I want to share with you about how I caught a horse that was uncatchable. It was during my first job in La Jolla, California where I was hired to handle a large training center of hunters and jumpers. What they like to do in some of these training centers is to play a little joke on you on the first day that you arrive. It’s a way of breaking ice and getting to know you a bit better through laughing together.

Adjusting Your Leadership To Keep Attention

If you can keep adjusting your leadership to be more dependable, flexible, understanding and intelligent, the horse is more willing to form a loyal partnership and put a greater effort into his performance. The biggest mistake people make in their relationship and communication with horses is to not understand that the development of leadership with horses should be spent in managing the connection, bond and trust through attentiveness. Being attentive, you can respond to the changing attitudes in the horse and the environment and keep a horse willing before he gets out of hand.

Horse Training Takes Time ... Or Does It?

I just came back in today from training a horse by the name of Marchador. I was thinking about him after our session and I could not believe how far we have come together.


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