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For Sale in Path of The Horse

A Knight Amongst Horsemen

Could there be possibly such a profound difference between horse people? What is it really that a knight applies to be with his horse?

Are Wild Horses And Domestic Horses All The Same?

I’ve often been asked whether wild and domestic horses are the same or different from one another. Here’s my take on it.

Training A Horse Using Liberty

Today we have a question from Victoria in Australia who writes "I have a 9 year old thoroughbred mare, who I bought as a green, broken four year old. I trained her up for show jumping and she was coming along quite well until she fractured her offside hind when she was seven. Since then she has had problems on and off with lameness and more recently a sore back. She is perfectly capable of movement in the paddock but is uncomfortable and sore with a rider. The vets are unable to help anymore. So I have decided to take a new track with her and train her in liberty."

Art Of Energetic Connection

I find that a very important connection I have with horses comes from the subtleties and energy that we share back and forth. For example, how I choose to connect each time I have been away from my horse.

Be More Tender With Your Horses

The story that I would like to share with you today is something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago when we were doing some filming. We were working on my new DVD that we are going to be bringing out showing the different personalities of horses and how each personality responds to the Waterhole Rituals™.

The Gap Between Theoretical Training Methods And Practical Application

When training a horse, there is always a gap between the theoretical and the practical and this can be very frustrating. My advice for this is pretty much always that more time is needed. I can’t overstate the beautiful simplicity of the first Waterhole Ritual™ as a preparation for the rest.

Proven Fact: Horses Pick Up Tricks And Moves By Watching!

I was reading an article the other day about some scientists that were figuring out whether horses learned through watching or not and I found it fascinating that they came up with the idea that horses do not learn by watching other horses. It’s just so silly that they don’t know that they do!

Stina’s Views On Liberty Training

The wonderful thing about the internet is that you can reach people all across the world and never have to leave home. Stina, who is Norwegian but lives on the island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean, is a friend and student. Stina got in touch with me towards the end of 2007 and I started coaching her by phone and email. The results for her and her herd of wild horses have been astonishing, for which I must give Stina huge credit.

Telepathy With Your Horse

Today I want to add to the story about Panadero and his Spanish Walk. The last time I had worked with him his Spanish Walk had been very green and he could maybe only do about 25 feet. When I asked him for it three months later, he had mastered it like he was a seasoned horse.

Being Present In The Moment

Here we are into another day and I have just finished working with my horses once again. I have been working with that fearful horse I was telling you about; the one I was taking from his buddy and his paddock to the barn and feeding him grain.


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