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For Sale in Path of The Horse

A Knight Amongst Horsemen

Could there be possibly such a profound difference between horse people? What is it really that a knight applies to be with his horse?

Telepathy With Your Horse

Today I want to add to the story about Panadero and his Spanish Walk. The last time I had worked with him his Spanish Walk had been very green and he could maybe only do about 25 feet. When I asked him for it three months later, he had mastered it like he was a seasoned horse.

Being Present In The Moment

Here we are into another day and I have just finished working with my horses once again. I have been working with that fearful horse I was telling you about; the one I was taking from his buddy and his paddock to the barn and feeding him grain.

Training a Horse Using the Waterhole Rituals™

I recently had a letter from Helene in New York who was telling me about her attempts to get to know a large German warmblood that was recently bought by her barn owner. Helene freely admits she is only a novice horse rider and has no horse of her own but she wanted my feedback on her attempts to use the Waterhole Rituals™ with this powerful horse.

Spectacular Equine Behavior Achieved Through Copying

The story that I am going to share with you today is about a horse that you may have seen on some of my videos by the name of Panadero. He is an Andalusian Stallion and he is absolutely just the most expressive horse you could ever wish to meet.

Inspiring Ways Of Using Liberty Training

I have a student I want to tell you about today because she has used my Method in an interesting way and it might help or inspire others to use it this way. To give you some history she once had many horses of her own and ran a successful riding, training and equine therapy business. Since she shut down her business and was without horses, an opportunity presented itself years later to help a stranger with an Icelandic Pony in need of attention.

Bomb Proofing Horses ... Or Not

I have never spent much time bomb proofing horses because with the Waterhole Rituals™ I provide a horse a feeling of safety in my charge and they follow my lead without question because of the relationship I have establish with them.

Encouraging Horses To The Next Level

Recently we did some filming with wild horses at Return to Freedom, a nonprofit wild horse sanctuary near Lompoc, California. I was there working with a horse that was very shy. We were doing this filming because I wanted to show a horse that was really afraid of humans, and this particular horse was definitely scared to death of people.

Is A Horse Ever Too Old To Start The Waterhole Rituals™?

A question from Becka in Washington Is a horse ever too old to start Liberty Training?

Horses Do Understand Reasoning

A client of mine called me for some advice on how to get her stallion to cross a bridge; a bridge that he was used to crossing. She housed the stallion in a barn at night and put him out in a field with his mares during the day. The mares came in with him at night and were put out first thing in the morning to make it easy to take him out to the field later.


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