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For Sale in Path of The Horse

A Knight Amongst Horsemen

Could there be possibly such a profound difference between horse people? What is it really that a knight applies to be with his horse?

Learning From Horses

My family instilled in me that dogs learn fast, horses can too, and most animals seem to learn faster than humans. It was this idea that caused me when I was a child to understand that I needed to develop my ability to learn from horses so I could be on par with them.

Training A Stubborn Horse!

This question comes from Melissa in Indiana and is typical of ones like this that I receive on a regular basis. Her situation involves a horse that is just too bossy!

Creating Attentive Partnerships

Previously I was talking about horsemanship, trust and connection, which led me to ask the question about what you would like your partner to be like. Now the reason I asked this was, and this is going to sound a bit out of place, but a horse wants to be treated like a woman wants to be treated.

How To Deal With Boredom In Horses

This is from a lady called Jan, who wrote: I have an off-track thoroughbred (OTTB) who is extremely intelligent and overreactive, has had many bad habits from racing and is easily bored. He also resents being told what to do so I really work to find what he likes to do best. He has had foot problems for the past three years but is now sound. We have been through a lot together and he really trusts me but he does not always listen. I still have trouble keeping his attention all the time. And any time he does not want to do something that he thinks is boring, he throws a huge fit!

The Horses’ Code

I’d like to talk to you about the rules that horses have with each other. This is extremely important to grasp not just because for me, it is the foundation of what I do, but because it is the foundation for all horse interactions.

Dangers Of Working A Horse At Liberty

In this day and age it’s great to take advantage of the ability we have to share YouTube videos with each other. It is a wonderful tool I can use to guide you in how the connection looks, how to lead a horse through the Waterhole Rituals and what the result looks like. It is also very nice to have the support of my students sharing their perfect connection with their horses.

Building Equestrian Connection

This article is for those people who enjoy increasing their connection, performance and horsemanship from the direct experiences they share with their horses. If you don’t have a good relationship with your horse, all you need to do is change your viewpoint, step back and start at the beginning.

Fearful To Dependable

Here is an exciting YouTube video clip by Robin Gates, a certified coach in my Method and student over many years. I am highlighting this clip because it shows the results of building a partnership from the ground using the Waterhole Rituals™ and how effective it is with warmblood horses to develop trust and a working bond.

The Importance Of A Flexible Leadership Style

Connection is a two way street. To truly get along with a horse in shared partnership we need to have social leadership skills. If we can keep adjusting our leadership style to be more flexible, understanding and intelligent, the horse is more willing to form a loyal partnership and put greater effort into his performance. It’s all about being present in the moment and fully awake and knowing exactly what to ask a horse to do that starts the dance, backed up with the belief that your horse will perform and then letting the horse perform without holding him to it.


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