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3.10. Breaking & Starting

Would you consider sending your child to school to have him or her broken in? ‘Child Breaking’ is probably not something that you would look for on your child’s school curriculum, however, we send horses the ‘The Breaker’ or ‘The Trainer’ on a daily basis. While certainly there are some breakers and trainers out there who do a good job with their charges, just by the very nature of the name given to the occupation a certain mind set is suggested.

2.25. Footfalls And Weight Distribution

As we start to pick up the pace a little and begin to ask more and more of ourself and our horse, it becomes increasingly important to understand the way in which a horse’s weight is distributed at each gait and how his feet hit the ground and in what order.

3.21. Lateral Flexion – Vertical Flexion

We understand the concept now of Natural Flexion, so how then should we go about setting it up? It’s important at this juncture to understand the sequence of events behind any horse’s action.

2.36. Saddles, Bits, Bridles & Pads

Having the right equipment when it comes to riding is just as important as the tools you use on the ground. Certainly personal preference will play a major role as will the type of sport or recreation you partake in with your horse. It doesn’t really matter which type of saddle you choose, provided it suits what you do, it fits your horse well and you look after it.

3.34. Riders Seat

Now more than ever, during contact riding, all of the preparation you have done through Levels 1 and 2 come into play. You are sitting back, nice and deep in your saddle with as much contact with your horse as possible. Refinement of communication is about speaking clearly and quietly to your horse. Your focus is excellent and impulsion is in place.

3.11. Riding Circles

At this point in the programme we begin to look further into the need to ride consciously and to be aware of what our whole body is doing whilst riding. For now, we need to introduce how to truly ride a circle. If you’ve been studying the programme to this point, already you will have ridden many circles, possibly hundreds or more, which will have started to pay big dividends for you in regard to impulsion and emotional fitness. But what does it truly mean to ride a circle?

2.26. Leads And Diagonals

As discussed in the previous article, when a horse moves, it has various gaits in which to do so, depending on how far he has to go, how fast and in which direction. When a horse is simply going from A to B in no particular hurry, he will generally walk.

If he wants to get there a little quicker or has a long distance to travel, he will generally trot. If he wants to get somewhere quickly he will often canter unless he has to get there really fast in which case he may gallop. These are the basic gaits of the horse.

3.22. The 80 / 20 Principle

Building soft feel and vertical flexion for a horse, is like building and improving strength, endurance and flexibility in ourselves. For a horse to hold engagement and flexion for any amount of time, takes a lot of strength, physical fitness and concentration. For some horses, the mental and emotional strain can also be quite difficult as holding this position takes some degree of confidence.

3.1. Longer Lines

Congratulations on reaching Level Three of the Quantum Savvy ‘Foundation Programme’. We hope you are as excited as we are about how far you have come through the programme to date. This is a fabulous milestone to reach and we congratulate you.

3.35. Fascinating – Do It With A Smile

We’ve often talked about attitude and how it affects our success with horses. Horses are incredibly honest and reflective. As much as we sometimes hate to admit it, they always tell it exactly like it is. They are so sensitive to their surroundings and everything in it that they are like a truth gauge when it comes to our handling of them.


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