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For Sale in Road to Horsemanship

2.30. Cross Training Horsemanship

Can you imagine having a job where you just did the same old thing, day in - day out, without any variation? Where the routine never changed, just over and over the same tasks. In factories where the work is mundane, workers are periodically rotated to other jobs to prevent mental and emotional strain plus RSI type injuries from occurring.

3.27. Rhythm & Flow

Most things in nature have rhythm and flow, broken only by injury or attack. Any animal that can blend smoothly with its surroundings has a natural advantage, either for sneaking up on its prey or remaining inconspicuously hidden from its hunter.

Horses have survived for millennia on this planet, arguably longer than any other prey animal. As a species it has evolved and honed its survival skills and its ability to be a part of its environment to an art form. The instincts and hierarchy of the herd have become a part of the rhythm and flow of nature itself.

3.5. Mental, Emotional, Physical

Success with horses can be attributed to working specifically on three areas; namely mental fitness, emotional fitness and physical fitness. In the traditional world, great emphasis is placed on the physical aspects of horses and horse riding, generally however, little importance is placed on a horse’s mental and emotional wellbeing.

Study of all three of these areas is pivotal to success with horses and equally important to both the horse and the rider.

2.20. Level Two Impulsion Programmes – Strategies To Achieving A 5

The following programmes have impulsion or emotional fitness benefits for you, your horse or both. Some are for lengthening short horses, i.e. give them a bit more go; some are for shortening long horses, i.e. slow them down. Some are for both.


3.16. Support Reins & Horseman’s Sticks

Riding with two sticks affords you the perfect opportunity to isolate your rein positions and find out what’s working and what isn’t. The term ‘rein position’ can be misleading as each of these is more about getting your body position and dynamics right than it is about what the reins are actually doing.

2.31. Spirit

In a previous article we discussed impulsion in horses; some being long and impulsive, some being short and lacking impulsion. When looking at the temperament of the horse, it’s also important to look at the spirit of the horse, particularly if it is being chosen for a particular sport or rider’s ability.

3.28. Contact Riding - Finesse

Congratulations on reaching the last portion of the Foundation Programme portion of the Quantum Savvy educational system.

This is a fabulous milestone for you to have achieved, after an exciting and rewarding journey that will have seen you evolve as a natural horseman. We are proud and pleased that you have shown the commitment, dedication and focus needed to complete this part of the programme.

3.6. What Is A Horseman?

The term ‘Horseman’ these days has been bandied about so much that it seems to have lost much of its true meaning. Many horse owners, when asked if they would like to be a horseman, answer in the affirmative and yet are hard pressed to explain exactly what one is.

2.21. Natural Principles

What is Green? Have you ever heard the phrase, ‘green on green makes black and blue’? The term ‘green’ by description, suggests growth or growing, in other words something still under construction and not yet finished. In horsemanship terms ‘ green’ can refer to horse or human and while it has a similar meaning it also has two very different time frames.

3.17. Muscle Memory

Everyday we perform certain actions repeatedly, until they become second nature or involuntary to us. Actions like walking, picking things up, using a knife, fork or tooth brush become everyday habits that we take for granted. However, that was not always so.


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