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Going with all his gear (fully mounted saddle, saddle pad, bridle, snaffle bit, halter, lead and fly mask) THE FACTS Name - Oreo Breed - Welsh B Height - 12.4hh Age - 16yo Colour - dark bay Markings - a blaze and three socks Health - Sound, no arthritis, slow growing, hard hooves, trimmed regularly, wormed regularly, has had hendra, tetanus and strangles and is microchipped. Have all the papers to prove it. THE GOOD Suitable for - pony club, jumping, second pony, beginner pony, leadline, recreational riding (trails, beaches, roads ect) Easy to - lead, tie, trim hooves, wash, float, worm, lunge, jump, feed, give treats Never - bucks, bites, rears, bolts, is pushy Great with other horses. Changes gaits with clucking and nothing else, can yeild hindquarters in saddle, lateral flexes easily. Great at one rein halts in walk and trot. Lunges with raising your hand in the direction you want him to go and stops with leaning towards his rear end. He can yeild both his fore and hind quarters on the ground and backs up by your body language. He's a real sweet guy, contact me for more information THE BAD Can get upset if his paddock mate is taken out, as in he neighs out and trots around a bit but after ten minutes he settles. Although I have just recently seperated them to stop my other horse chewing Oreo's tail. Although he goes out on his own with no fuss at all. Sometimes doesn't want to be caught as in, he will walk away, usually lasts for a minute or two. He used to be very hard to catch but since seperating him from his paddock mate, he comes to me for a pat. He is pretty quiet, he spooks at jump scares, as in a dog coming from nowhere and slamming against a fence. He doesnt bolt or carry on. He either scoots sideways or trots away. When he does the latter, i let him go until he is a bit further away then do a one rein halt, turn him around and take him back to the dog. Only happens when he's on the road. He doesn't spook at much else. So no, he isnt bombproof but he is sane enough that I can ride him beside a motorbike If you want pictures or videos of ANYTHING or have some questions please text anytime or call after school hours 0424854986 Thank you. By the way, his tail is cut short because my other horse pulled most of it out and I trimmed the split ends. It will grow back to the length in pics 1 and 2
Date Listed 27/10/2016
Last Edited 20/07/2018
Ad ID 79214
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