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Stockhorse x, 5y/o

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Rambler- Stock horse x, 5y/o, 15.3-16hh. $3000 firm. Rambler is a sweet, beautiful big boy with lovely movement and a nice smooth canter. He's very brave, although he can be stubborn and testy with an inexperienced rider. He's a quick learner and is soft and responsive with an experienced rider. Rambler's an extremely smart boy, he's learnt to respond to voice commands with gentle aids. Sometimes he can be difficult, but never nasty. For example he can be difficult to mount, just steps backwards a few times but then gives up and stands still- whereas other days he's completely fine and just stands there. Although someone who knows what they're doing would be able to anticipate and manage that type of behaviour. I believe he could go a long way in any discipline with someone who's a capable and determined rider. He would be a dream horse for an experienced person, he's got gorgeous looks and an amazing temperament. He really tries so hard to please, he just needs someone who's confident in what they're doing. Rambler is very quiet, he'll let you sit on him bareback and fall asleep in your lap like a big puppy when you lay with him. Whilst riding he remained calm and wasn't phased at all as my other horse took off running laps of the paddock, loud semi-trailers have driven by and dogs have ran past. He always keeps his attention focused on the rider and what you're asking of him. I've owned him for over a year and have put so much work into him and we've both improved so much. With the work I have put into him he has become such an amazing, sweet horse and I'm only starting to learn, so just imagine how far he'd come with a knowledgeable horsey person. Unfortunately he's just not the horse for me. He's too much for an inexperienced rider to handle. I love him to bits so this is an extremely hard sale. Requires an experienced rider who is firm but kind and patient. Loving, knowledgeable home only as he is the sweetest boy and deserves the best. Call or message 0467 566 030 for more info Located Camden area
Date Listed 21/11/2018
Last Edited 14/11/2020
Ad ID 90689
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