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Are horses our partners or our tools? -
March 31, 2021

Horses and humans have been bonding for over 5,000 years. And yet, we know surprisingly little about equine emotions.

According to legend, Alexander the Great, who lived in the 4th century, built a stable of gold for Bucephalus, his beloved steed. The stallion transported his master on his back throughout Alexander's most famous conquests on two different continents.

New strain of deadly Hendra virus (HeV) discovered -
March 13, 2021

The Australian veterinarian-led research project, ‘Horses as Sentinels,’ has identified a new strain of the deadly Hendra virus as the cause of a previously unexplained horse death in September 2015.

Hendra virus is highly lethal in both horses and humans, with mortality rates approximately 79% and 60% respectively. The originally recognised strain of Hendra virus has resulted in the deaths of four humans and over 100 horses in Australia, since 1994.

Equine alert issued for mosquito-borne disease -
February 9, 2021

The Department of Primary Industries and Regions (PIRSA) has been notified of a horse in the Adelaide Hills that has clinical signs consistent with West Nile Virus-Kunjin (WNV/KUN) strain.

These viruses are transmitted by mosquitoes and on rare occasions can cause serious disease in both humans and horses.

Initial testing could not determine if the antibody was from a recent infection or an infection that may have been years ago.

However, additional testing is being undertaken in a bid to determine if the infection was recent.

Warmblood Fragile Foal found in 21 breeds -
February 6, 2021

Warmblood fragile foal syndrome (WFFS) is a fatal, inherited connective tissue disorder in horses that shares similarities with the human disorder Ehler-Danlos Syndrome. 

Isaac Hart of the university of Utah compares bones from the Lehi horse
February 6, 2021

A new analysis of a horse previously believed to be from the Ice Age shows that the animal actually died just a few hundred years ago--and was raised, ridden and cared for by Native peoples. The study sheds light on the early relationships between horses and their guardians in the Americas.

The findings, published today in the journal American Antiquity, are the latest in the saga of the "Lehi horse."

Fact vs fiction: A new tool to detect gene editing in thoroughbred horses -
January 8, 2021

Critical to protecting the welfare of thoroughbred horses and the integrity of the industry is efficiently detecting the illegal practice of gene editing. Gene editing, a method of gene doping used to artificially and illegally enhance performance in human and animal athletes, is now on the agenda for the thoroughbred horse industry.

Gene editing: The new gene doping?

Work For National Horse Traceability System Underway -
October 6, 2020

The Victorian Government is co-leading the development of a national horse traceability register, which will improve biosecurity and tracking measures for all horses across Australia.

A National Horse Traceability Working Group has been established to inform the design of the register, following agreement at the Australasian Racing Ministers Conference and Australian Agriculture Ministers’ meeting that Victoria and Queensland would lead its development.

The ultimate equine behaviour assessment tool -
October 5, 2020

Since ancient times, horse behaviour and the bond between horses and humans, have been a source of intrigue and fascination.

The horse-lore that has accumulated over the centuries is a rich mix of both useful practice (approaching horses from their left side, making them slightly less reactive) and unsubstantiated myth, such as the one that chestnut horses are especially difficult to deal with.

6 Ways To Keep Your Horse Healthy And Happy -
July 15, 2020

If you have a horse because you want to be an aspiring horseback rider or you need one on your farm, it’s important to know how to keep these beautiful animals healthy, strong, and happy. Although horses are known for their physical abilities and strength, you still need to ensure that they’re always at their best. Besides, they deserve to be loved and cared for like every other animal.

New therapy could combat persistent joint infections in horses -
April 30, 2020

A new therapy could combat persistent joint infections in horses, potentially saving them from years of pain. Morris Animal Foundation-funded researchers at North Carolina State University have developed a platelet-rich plasma (PRP) lysate that, when teamed with antibiotics, can eradicate bacterial biofilms common in joint infections. The therapy could also be applied to other species, including humans and dogs. The team presented their findings in the Journal of Orthopaedic Research.