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10 x quality horse and rider training books

  • 10 x quality horse and rider training books on
  • 10 x quality horse and rider training books on
  • 10 x quality horse and rider training books on
Horse and rider training books. I have 10 books on training of horse and/or rider for sale as a bulk lot, or individually. Pick up in Brassall, 4305, or postage at buyer’s expense. Postage varies depending on weight. All books are in excellent, as new condition except Clinton Anderson’s “Downunder Horsemanship”. For some bizarre reason my dog decided to chew one corner of the cover! 99% of the damage is to the corner of the cover though, and doesn’t affect the integrity of the book as a whole. Would make a nice gift for a beginner or novice as a bulk lot for $100 (+ postage if required). Prices are as follows: 1. Creating Confidence by Sandi Simons: $5. 60 pages, soft cover. Very handy hints on handling “problem horses” and getting your confidence up. 2. The Complete Training of Horse and Rider by Alois Podhajsky: $10. 283 pages, soft cover. For dressage enthusiasts interested in the principles of classical horsemanship, by the former director of the Spanish Riding School in Vienna. 3. Reflections on Equestrian Art by Nuno Oliveira: $10 118 pages, hard cover. Easy to read thoughts you can dip in and out of over and over. Not just for dressage enthusiasts. 4. What your horse wants you to know by Gincy Self Bucklin: $10 188 pages, soft cover. Lists a lot of specific “problems” eg. Difficult to load into floats, and gives possible reasons why and how to overcome them by reading your horse’s behaviour and addressing your own behaviour as well. Great for beginners and anyone else. Even includes how to tie useful knots. 5. Grooming to Win by Susan E. Harris: $10 282 pages, hard cover. Handy tips not just on grooming but handling and conditioning of horses. It’s American but still lots of helpful diagrams. 6. How your horse wants you to ride by Gincy Self Bucklin: $10. 385 pages, hard cover. Exercises and tips for beginners and the experienced on balance and self awareness in the saddle and on the ground, with lots of photos and diagrams. 7. Tug of War: Classical vs “Modern” Dressage by Dr Gerd Heuschmann: $15 130 pages, hard cover. Easy to read and eye opening for the dressage enthusiast. Highly recommend for beginners so they can critically evaluate the training they get and what they’re aiming for. Really good stuff. 8. Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage by Phillipe Karl: $25 160 pages, hard cover. A really clear eyed look at how modern dressage is taught. This book answered a lot of the contradictions I had subconsciously observed in dressage instruction I got from a lot of so-called experts. Lots of useful exercises and progressions. 9. How to click with your horse by Georgia Bruce: $15 340 pages, soft cover. Extremely handy and fun way of learning loads of ground handling techniques and training your horse with a clicker. Simple instructions and lots of photos and diagrams. Helpful for beginners and the experienced. 10. Downunder Horsemanship by Clinton Anderson: $15 200 pages, hard cover. Natural horsemanship concepts and exercises for both western and English riders. Exercises are clear and have lots of photos and the feedback and observations from the trainee English and western riders, which makes them much more useful than just diagrams. Happy to email photos of some internal pages if required.
Date Listed 17/07/2019
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Ad ID 95987
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