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Arizona Prince
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Chase is a very elegant and eye catching eventer who has competed up to 1* eventing, established at PN and Medium dressage and has some Advanced buttons to play with. He has numerous scores above 70% at official events and up to 86% at unofficial/PC/Open events. He is usually always in the top ten and has taken out multiple Best Performed OTT awards (raced as Llewenhill). He is very scopey showjumping and bold XC. He only has one recorded XC stop with myself because I crossed my tracks at a black flag option, he never refused. He has established walk/canter/walk transitions, counter canter, leg yield, half pass at trot and canter, rein back, shoulder in, traver, walk pirouettes, medium paces and clean flying changes. He is very well educated in all three phases however he is quirky and needs a certain type of rider who can put him in his place every now and again. He is not a dirty horse and won’t try to throw you off but he will try get out of work by not wanting to be caught some days or gravitating towards the arena gate. This isn’t a daily occurrence, maybe once every month or two if he is in full work. The worst he has done is toss his head around and try spin around and go home if we are out on a trail or prance around when presenting to the judge before a test and he’s had to wait quite a while beforehand. I have always combatted this by just cantering until he is too tired to try anything and then carry on with the work. Took one session of this before he gave up and didn’t try it again for a few months at an event, did the same thing and was good again. He also has very big movement and is very light in the mouth so isn’t for a beginner or nervous rider. He has not been in work for the past 18 months after I ruptured my ACL and have more recently broken my wrist. He has also had close to four years off earlier in his career when his previous owner retired from riding so although he is older, he definitely hasn’t had the miles on his joints. His legs are clean with no past injuries and I’m happy for vet checks to be done. Only asking $1,800 due to his age and he isn’t in work currently so is unfit, has no muscle, and is being sold as is, from the paddock due to lack of facilities where he is located.
Date Listed 01/07/2020
Last Edited 02/07/2020
Ad ID 99697
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